Foreign Job Agencies

Companies in the energy, infrastructure and process industries often need to find workers to hire for positions in remote international locations. Sometimes, this need comes from company growth, resulting in new offices or facilities in a different country. Other times, staffing needs are related to a work contract or project, and the positions may only last as long as the project.

Regardless of the situation, finding staff to accept these positions and relocate can be extremely difficult even for the largest companies. Looking for foreign job agents may not always prove to be helpful. An agency for foreign jobs may be able to connect your company with the talent and staffing near your new location or work site, but they may not have the capability to support the relocation of local talent or talent from other areas that are willing to relocate to that site. Other foreign job agencies may have relocation services available, but perhaps they do not provide international recruitment or have the experience to relocate into your remote project site. Those seeking consultancy for foreign jobs may not even be in direct contact with these agencies.

Rather than search for a foreign job agency, choose to partner with a company that not only has an international network of clients and workers, but a set of core services tailored to each clients’ specific needs. Choose Airswift.

The Right Foreign Job Agency Can Handle Your International Staffing

Recruiting, training, relocating and acclimating international or foreign staff can be a complicated process. Your internal human resources team may not have the sufficient experience or resource to support this complex process. That is why selecting the right company and not just any foreign job agency is so critical to your company’s success.

Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. More than just a staffing firm or foreign job agency, Airswift provides scalable solutions to your staffing and relocation needs. Airswift has over 30 years of experience support clients of all sizes with their international and local staffing. Whether you need to hire a local workforce in a new project location or identify and relocate a worker across the country, Airswift has the experience and capability to not only source the talent, but compliantly and successfully support all mobilization.

Airswift can also support staffing for multiple project locations over extended periods of time. Our experience and trained professionals give us an unmatched position in our field to assist with every aspect of international and foreign recruitment and relocation. From work permits, passports and visas to destination services, acclimation and orientation, our global mobility solutions ensure both your business and your workforce experience a stress-free process.
Our recruitment consultants utilize our international network and candidate database with over 500,000 people ready to work for companies just like yours. Airswift also implemented three Delivery Centres which allow 24-hour global coverage of volume and expatriate recruitment as well as the development of emerging markets. With Airswift, we are dedicated to partnering with our clients to provide them a unique value to their solutions.

Choose Airswift as Your Foreign Job Agency

Many international and foreign job agencies only have a presence in a few countries. Airswift maintains 700 employees in over 50 offices with more than 6,000 contractors actively supporting projects and companies around the world. Hiring foreign workers in the infrastructure, process and energy industries doesn’t have to be time-consuming and frustrating. Airswift can help simplify and streamline the international hiring and relocation process for you.