Gas Company Jobs

Gas company jobs are numerous and varied. They require varying levels of experience and motivation. At Airswift, company clients find the finest, qualified workers, and those workers secure the gas industry jobs that launch their careers. We are honored to be involved and facilitate relationships that last for years.

Other staffing and recruitment agencies might be able to assist with gas company jobs, but their abilities are going to be far more limited than ours. Most agencies are spread thin over several industries, but at Airswift, we focus on only energy, process and infrastructure. Jobs in gas industry companies demand a staffing and recruitment agency that understands what is involved, and we have spent decades learning all aspects of the industry. We don’t just find bodies to fill jobs. We continue relationships by serving as career guides to support both the workers and the companies that need them.

How do we do this on a global level? We maintain an international network for gas industry jobs at all levels with the help of hundreds of employees in more than 50 offices all over the world. Thousands of contractors join forces with a pool of talent unmatched industry-wide to connect them to the gas company jobs they want. We have ongoing work in gas field jobs and other sectors in 57 countries across six continents.


Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. No matter what level of employment you seek or need filled in your company, we can help At Airswift, it is about more than gas industry jobs – we want to foster long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial. We know this is successful when we have former contractors come back to work with us as clients seeking contractors for their own businesses.

For client companies, we can take care of background checks, negotiations and the hiring process. Not many other staffing and recruiting agencies can say they do this for gas field jobs.


It is easy to get started with Airswift – all you have to do is get in touch. Please take a minute to fill in the contact form below, or apply for a job to reach out to a recruitment specialist. Jobs in the gas industry are our specialty, and we would love to welcome you!