Global Employment Solutions

If your business starts growing, it almost inevitably leads to development in new markets in nearby domestic cities and eventually to larger, international markets. For either of these outcomes, your company may need help finding qualified domestic employees within these new markets to assist with the paperwork and logistics of relocating your existing staff or contractors to a new location. Working with a company that offers global employed solutions can save you time and money by handling these necessities for you. Global employment solutions companies expedite your international growth and minimize the risks and delays involved in international business, employment, and travel. While international growth can seem daunting at first, it can actually be simple and efficient with the help of the right professionals during your expansion.

Why Seek Professional Help and Global Employment Placement Services?

Not all well-established human resources departments have  hands-on experience with international relocation and global employment. This may require funding for additional training or hiring a new member of the human resources team just to handle your international employment needs.

Working with a global workforce solutions company ensures that when it comes to global employment solutions, jobs don’t need to have borders. Employees and contractors can travel around the world, working in different cities and countries on your company’s behalf, helping to further solidify your presence in international markets. However, every country has different laws and requirements for residents and businesses. Unless each necessary form is properly executed within the right time frame, your company’s expansion could end up on hold while all the paperwork is handled.

Why Choose Airswift for Global Solutions Employment Services?

Airswift is a global leader in workforce solutions and global employment placement services within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. We provide a full range of services including assistance with locating domestic contractors and  relocation of current employees or contractors to an international worksite. Your company can confidently accept new contracts and even plan an international expansion when you have you have the skilled professionals from Airswift helping.

What helps to set Airswift apart from other workforce solutions companies is both our long-standing, positive reputation and our incredible global presence. Airswift has hundreds of employees in over 50 offices around the world who coordinate employment and relocation for our international clients and 6,000+ highly skilled and experienced contractors. When your company is ready to take that next step into international markets, choose Airswift for your global employment services and focus your management and human resources team on continued performance and expansion.