Global Mobility Consultant

The faster your energy, infrastructure or process business is growing, the more important global mobility becomes. You never know when you’ll need to fill positions for a new contract or if you need to relocate your workforce to a new country. Airswift is a global workforce solutions provider, which means we provide more than just talent acquisition. Airswift offers a complete global mobility solution to clients with the capability to support virtually any location in the world. That’s why many companies in these critical business sectors choose Airswift.

We can provide your company with the assistance of an experienced global mobility consultant. We can also help your company recruit, train and relocate professionals if you have internal global mobility consultant jobs to fill.

Those who aren’t familiar with this highly specialized branch of human resources may wonder about the global mobility consultant job description. A global mobility consultant can help your business recruit staff in another country, while also helping to make arrangements for your existing professional team to travel to and work in another country. From helping staff acclimate to a new environment to local recruiting and tax compliance, Airswift can help. Our new Delivery Centres help us offer truly global 24/7 solutions for recruiting and client services.

Global Mobility Professionals Ensure Efficiency and Compliance

Operating in a number of different countries can help make your process, energy or infrastructure business more competitive, but it can also create a logistics nightmare for staffing and relocation. While you may have an excellent internal human resources team, your internal professionals may lack adequate support or experience in certain regions. Given that most countries have unique requirements for work visas, relocation and international taxes, compliance with local laws can quickly become confusing or overwhelming. Airswift can help support your company in any location around the globe.

At Airswift, our team of experienced professionals has been helping companies embrace global mobility for more than three decades. We have over 50 offices around the world and an impressive list of partners, which allows Airswift to quickly mobilize workers in any area in the world. Our team of more than 700 employees can offer direct, local assistance no matter how remote your work site may be. Airswift can help your company with everything from obtaining visas to the logistics required to relocate an entire work crew to a new country. Choosing Airswift helps ensure you finish contracts on time and in compliance with the law.

Choose Airswift for Your Global Mobility Needs

There’s only one workforce solutions provider that you need when you’re expanding to new locations or accepting contracts in remote locations. Airswift has years of dedicated experience in helping businesses in our sectors thrive. We can help you hire the best global mobility specialists for your internal team or provide you with outsourced mobility services to help your company remain competitive and able to fulfill contractual obligations.

Choosing Airswift means gaining access to our global network of professionals. We also have a database of more than 500,000 potential candidates, in addition to our more than 6,000 contractors already working in countries all over the world. Airswift can help with everything from local temporary recruiting to long-term employee relocation and repatriation afterward.