Global Mobility Specialist

If you are seeking a new position in an exciting new location, or if your growing company is looking to expand internationally, you need a global mobility specialist to help you find opportunities overseas or assist you with relocating your business. Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider in the energy, process and infrastructure industries with more than 30 years of experience offering global mobility solutions. From visas and work permits to customs processing of possessions, there are so many details that an inexperienced mobility specialist will not be able to handle. That lack of experience can lead to delays or even the loss of talent that your company was dependent on for the completion of a project.

What Does a Global Mobility Specialist Do?

On a small scale, within the same country, global mobility specialist jobs include making logistics arrangements for travel of individuals and the moving of their critical or necessary possessions. On a larger scale, this may involve connecting contractors or employees with translators, providing them with information about the laws and culture of their new location, and filling out required government forms in order to work in the new country.

Why Do Companies Outsource Global Mobility Work?

Outsourcing of global mobility typically happens because a company does not have the full-time global mobility specialist on staff. If your company does not frequently have global relocations, you will need to hire a specialist to assist, which will come at a cost.

Instead, work with an experienced outsourced provider, such as Airswift. Airswift coordinates each step of the relocation process, from visas and work permits to plane tickets and on-site reception for the talent.

Why Choose Airswift for Your Global Mobility Needs?

Airswift has hundreds of employees in more than 50 offices around the world, and our experienced mobility consultants fit the global mobility specialist job description by providing world class services to companies and contractors who need assistance relocating internationally. They make all necessary arrangements to travel to the worksite location and are dedicated to creating a smooth transition process for the all parties involved.

Airswift’s global mobility specialists have experience with organizing and coordinating global mobility and transfers of executives and employees to new offices abroad and the relocation of newly hired contractors to the country where the work will be performed.

Don’t take risks when it comes to global mobility specialists; work with one of the biggest and most respected workforce solutions provider. Choose Airswift, and let us handle every step of the relocation process for your company!