Global Relocation Services

If your company is growing, you may find exciting new business opportunities in a completely different location, sometimes on the other side of the world. If you have, or are looking to accept contracts in new countries, possibly on new continents, you may find yourself faced with how you would move your workforce to these new locations or find employees who are already in these locations to work for your company. Your current human resources teams and management will now have to look into global relocations for your staff, which may cause a delay in your quickly growing business as your teams may not have the specific knowledge of all the logistics of the new country. Global international relocation agencies provide services to relocate your existing workforce into a new location, taking care of the logistics for traveling and relocating to a new country on your behalf to ensure your business continues as usual.

Global Relocation Requires Extensive Knowledge

Most countries have their own requirements for work permits, travel visas, and foreign professionals operating within their borders, which means your business will need to hire someone who familiar with the process for each country where you’ll be relocating staff. Instead of spending time to hire professionals with experience in global relocation, you could choose to partner with a company that provides global relocation services. Moving to a new country is exciting, but can also be a culture shock to many, especially if they have never traveled abroad.

Partnering with global relocation consultants who understand the process of global relocation and have already been helping other contractors and employees move from one country to another will give your business and employees comfort when relocating.

Airswift Can Provide Comprehensive Global Relocation Services

Airswift is a global workforce solutions provider in the energy, process and infrastructure industries and has been partner to companies of all sizes for more than 30 years. Airswift provides full global mobility solutions to our clients to support their new and existing projects in countries around the world. Our services include Assignment and Mobilization Services, such as transportation arrangements, orientation and repatriation services, Immigration support in relation to local registrations, work permits and visas, and Finance services covering payroll, compliance reporting and tax equalization. Airswift maintains over 50 offices with hundreds of service consultants with the knowledge and expertise within their regions to support your business in any location in the world. Airswift has the experience and expertise you need when relocating staff on a global scale.

Don’t over-extend your existing management or hire new members of your human resources team just to engage in global relocation. Choose Airswift, and let us handle every aspect of the process for your organization.