Global Relocation

The global relocation of a company can come in all different shapes and sizes, but each relocation has its share of complex requirements needed to ensure a successful relocation. Many businesses try to do this on their own, but find themselves limited either on the logistics of moving their workforce or of the destination’s local laws and requirements. If you are in need of global relocation services and support, choose to partner with Airswift.

Airswift is a global workforce solutions provider offering full global relocation services to our clients. We offer over 30 years of experience, a vast support network and mobilization specialists to help make your move go smoothly. 

High-End Global Relocation Solutions 

Working with Airswift’s global mobility specialists streamlines the relocation process. We can assist with compliance issues, ensuring that every worker is ready to get started on the job at hand without any drawbacks. We can help with security when it’s needed, and we offer safety courses for those going to new countries where special emphasis is needed.

In short, our global relocation specialists examine every detail carefully and ensure the relocation process plays out just as you expect. Our end goal is simply to make sure that your workforce is on schedule and effectively on the ground when and where you need it.

Financial Differences

With workers all over the world, you may have financial questions about payroll laws, local requirements, tax laws, banking systems and actually making those payments effectively. The laws vary widely from one country to the next, and there may be international tax implications on many levels. Our global relocation services include financial assistance to get the money into your workers’ hands without any issues. The last thing you need is to waste time trying to figure this out when there’s real work to be done, so why not let us handle it? Our global relocation solutions are second to none and we know you’ll be satisfied.

Global Relocation and Immigration 

Not least among your concerns are immigration issues as workers cross borders, and our global relocation services handle everything from start to finish. We’ll embrace all of the immigration responsibilities, from checking worker requirements to getting proper visas and authorizations to appraising you of the long-term and short-term obligations. With our global relocation service, you never worry about having workers who are illegally on the job or seeing your workforce disrupted by immigration investigations. 

One of the biggest things that we preach when it comes to immigration and global relocation is that all situations are different. Visa requirements may not even be the same for every worker on the same job, let alone workers in multiple countries and in different positions. We review every last case closely and independently. 

Our Web-Based Solution 

How are we so confident in our global relocation services? Part of it has to do with our innovative, web-based system that reduces costs and provides compliance services. Having a single global portal allows clients in all parts of the world to experience these advantages. Information flows seamlessly. In what is often known as the Information Age, Airswift stands apart through dedication to gathering and processing all necessary immigration information promptly. Our global relocation solutions are comprehensive and effective. 

Contact Us Before Any Global Relocation 

Let us help you with our cutting-edge global mobility relocation services. Please call Airswift right now to get started and learn how we can help keep your workforce operating with top-notch efficiency.