Global Staffing Solutions

Finding the right contractors to fill an international staff can be very difficult. There are numerous global staffing solutions available, but there are often many risks involved. With an ever-expanding number of projects in the energy, process, and infrastructure industries, global staffing is a necessity and needs to be dealt with in the most risk-free manner possible. Airswift can help you to manage and build your workforce, giving you the least margin of error.

Who Is Airswift?

 Airswift is your best global staffing solution. We are a company that works with clients to help find the best contractors for their companies. We are a leader in the skilled staffing industry and have over 6,000 contractors working in 57 countries over six continents. We reach out far and wide to ensure our clients can choose from the best workers available and feel confident that they are the best fit.

How Can Airswift Help with Your Global Staffing Needs?

 Airswift delivers two different options for managed solutions services with regard to global solutions staffing in order to take as much of the burden off our clients as we possibly can.

  • Managed Service Provision (MSP)
    • We give a detailed evaluation of the existing contractor engagement model, and given our vast knowledge and experience in the energy industry, we make recommendations that will both reduce costs and enhance productivity. We launch an MSP delivery team that takes over supplier and contractor management to ensure constant progress.
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
    • We devise fully integrated on-site recruitment models by conducting a detailed analysis of your current recruitment process. We then give recommendations to maximize your workforce. We take care of sourcing, assessment and screening, evaluation, and the on-boarding of new staff.

The benefits of allowing Airswift to be in charge of your global employment include:

  • Reduced Cost
    • By allowing Airswift to do your global hiring, you have no need to employ a more expensive in-house team.
  • Introduction to New Markets
    • With offices in over 50 countries, Airswift can help you to enter new markets without the need to establish local entities.
  • Reduced Risk
    • Much of the risk when contracting a global workforce comes from managing regulations. Airswift has an in-depth knowledge of local requirements and regulations.No matter where your project or business happens to be located, you can be sure that it is being overseen in accordance with all of the local laws.
  • Avoiding Payroll Difficulties
    • International payroll requirements are both confusing and difficult to manage. We ensure that all of your workers will be paid accurately, in a timely manner, and in accordance with the regulations regarding local taxes.
  • Easy Communication
    • Instead of needing to go through multiple channels to find information, Airswift is the only contact that you will need for any questions or concerns.

The manner of engaging workforces is shifting, and hiring Airswift will ensure that you stay up to date on your workforce management in the most stress free manner possible.