Global Talent Acquisition

As your company expands into new markets, cities, and countries, it will need to begin considering a plan for global talent acquisition. There are a lot of considerations, including the number of markets and countries you will be operating in, as well as the laws of each individual country.

The amount of knowledge needed to handle talent acquisition could be very overwhelming for your existing human resources or management teams, leading to employee burnout, mistakes, failure to file critical forms and permits, and even the loss of contracts. If your company needs to find talent in a global market, you need to consider all your options.

Can You Handle Global Talent Acquisition In House?

If you don’t already have a global talent acquisition team or human resources team members with experience in global talent acquisition, it will likely be time and cost prohibitive to establish one in the near future. Finding the right people for a talent acquisition recruitment & global engagement team can take time, and finding recruiters with the right international experience can be harder. From the extended hiring process to allocating salary funds, the entire endeavor can take months and create a drain on your profits.

It makes much more sense to outsource your global talent acquisition jobs to an established company that already has a team in place.

Should You Outsource Global Talent Acquisition?

Does your company have professional contacts in all of the locations where it is expanding to, either with new offices or by accepting contracts in the area? If not, it can be very difficult to locate the right talent near the worksite or talent that is willing to relocate, possibly multiple times, to complete projects and contracts for your company.

Instead of building a new department and hiring internally for positions like global head of talent acquisition, it makes much more sense from a logistics and budgetary standpoint to outsource your international talent acquisition to an established workforce solutions provider.

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing International Talent Acquisition?

In addition to freeing up your internal human resources and management teams to focus on existing operations and employees, outsourcing your international talent acquisition process can connect your company with the right talent. An established workforce solutions provider, like Airswift, can draw from a talent pool of thousands located all around the globe.

Additionally, outsourcing the process can speed up the hiring process, smooth any relocation needed, and save your company a lot of money. Working with an outsourced international talent acquisition company is often the speediest means of finding new talent in a global economy.

Airswift Is Your Source for Global Talent Acquisition Management Solutions

Airswift is a long-established industry leader in the world of workforce solutions. With over 50 offices across six continents, we offer our clients and contractors global reach and mobility in an increasingly globalized economy. Our hundreds of employees have experience in locating, relocating, and training talent for our clients, ensuring that you can connect with the talent you need, when you need it. When you need to find new international talent, choose Airswift as your global talent acquisition solution!