Health Safety Environmental Jobs

Jobs in environmental health are exciting, enriching and full of opportunity. Airswift is proud to be a part of advancing these careers, and connecting companies with the talent they need. For decades, we’ve been a leading energy staffing and recruiting agency for the health safety environment jobs on the market.

Today, more than 35 years after our founding, we employ 800 people, work with thousands of consultants and support the careers of the candidates in our massive database. From over 50 global offices, we manage ongoing projects in 57 countries. Whether it’s environment health and safety jobs or something in a corner office, we do whatever it takes to be the biggest network in energy.

Since so much in this industry involves the earth and atmosphere, we take the environmental aspect very seriously. Jobs in environmental health are one way that individuals and companies can ensure their work is doing good for people, and for the planet.

Are You a Contractor?

We believe that people with jobs in environmental health will be a lot happier and perform better when they know we stand with them. As soon as you sign up, you are matched with a personal account manager, who touches base regularly and talks with you about your search and potential opportunities. If you land a temporary position, or are interested in environmental health and safety internships, we’ll get to work looking for that replacement.

Relocation is often a part of safety health and environment jobs. If this is the case for you, count on us to take care of travel and housing arrangements as well as help you with visas, immigration papers and a passport. Your concierge pack will help you get to know your new home more easily.

Are You an Employer?

Let us take the burden of vetting and hiring from your shoulders with the complete staffing and human resource support you require. Every candidate we send to you for health safety environment jobs vacancies will meet 90 percent or more of your outlined criteria. He or she will come with experience, as well as a motivation to grow professionally. We take care of the background checks, drug screens, contract negotiation, salary arbitration and anything else you need. We see former contractors returning to us when they need employees of their own, which means were doing something right.

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