Houston Staffing Companies

Tired of dealing with staffing companies in Houston who don’t know much about energy, process and infrastructure industries? Partner with Airswift for the knowledge and connections you need for success in these international industries.

The energy, process and infrastructure industries are driven by experience, talent and knowing where to find both. At Airswift, we have literally decades of history with the industry, and maintain excellent working relationships with both companies and contractors. Whichever you are, and whatever you’re looking for, we can guide you through the process to personal and professional success.


Perhaps you’ve been through numerous staffing companies in Houston, TX, and have yet to find one that is genuinely committed to your career. At Airswift, we make you part of the group as soon as you sign up. Your own account manager will speak with you at least every two weeks, and ensure that you’re on the same page as far as goals are concerned. We’ll spend some time polishing your resume, helping it attract the right eyes. Even when you’ve found a job, we don’t stop working. Since many energy, process and infrastructure industry jobs are temporary, we’ll get to work on finding a replacement one for you as soon as we can. Most staffing companies in Houston can’t say that.

When you need jobs filled, you have limited time in which to deal with all the red tape. From our database of contractors exceeding any you’ll find in the industry, we’ll select professionals who meet 90 percent or more of your criteria, and are driven by a true passion for the job not just a paycheck. Better yet, we take care of all the HR details, including salary arbitration, background checks, contract negotiation, drug screens and more. Whether you are looking for a person with physical labor skills or someone to work from the corner office, we are one of those rare staffing companies in Houston who can assist at every level.


The nature of this industry is a lifestyle. Often, professionals find themselves relocating for a new job or project. Because of this, we consider ourselves a global powerhouse, maintaining over 50 global offices and contractors in 57 countries. When you are an Airswift contractor, we know you will enjoy getting to know our company. Because life can change anytime, we are ready to work with you when plans need to be altered.

As an international company, unlike many other staffing companies in Houston, TX, we have the ability to get you wherever you need to go around the world. From your housing and transportation to rush orders on Visas and passports, we have what it takes. We even provide concierge packages when you need to settle in an unfamiliar city.


Other Houston staffing companies can’t compare; Airswift makes you part of our global heritage. To learn more, please fill the contact form below or find a phone number with our office locator.