HR Manager Jobs

For many growing businesses, internal growth can be both a sign of success and a potential issue for the future. As demand for your products or services increases, you will need to hire more internal staff, contractors, and temporary workers, straining your human resources (HR) team. This additional recruiting can lead your company to hire additional support staff, such as an HR administrator or even HR managers for each new project or location where you operate. While adding additional positions to your human resources team can help, it can also cause issues.

Will your company really have constant, full-time demand for the level of human resources administration your current plan will provide? If not, you could be increasing your overhead expenses without actually adding to the team of professionals who manage what your business actually does. While a skilled HR manager can help your company deal with logistics issues, recruiting, and employee retention, they could also represent a salary investment which may have been better invested elsewhere within your company.

Consider Outsourced Human Resources Solutions

If your company operates on a contract and project basis, you likely go through periods of intense activity as well as lulls when business is slower. From a fiscal perspective, an investment in HR staff based on your busiest times is not the best use of your capital. However, failing to secure adequate human resources help could leave you unable to recruit the staff you need when you need it. The perfect solution to this conundrum is to work with an outside firm for expanded human resources services, such as recruitment, employee retention, mobilization, and contractor services.

Choosing to outsource some or all of your human resource functions offers your company a host of benefits. With a streamlined internal staff, you can worry less about expenses during slower times. As long as you partner with a company that has an extensive reach and the ability to customize their services to your current level of need, you can depend on having human resources solutions you need when you have multiple projects at the same time. A company like Airswift, which provides workforce solutions to companies in the energy, process, and infrastructure industries, could help your company grow.

Choose Airswift for Outsourced Human Resources Solutions

With a presence in more than 40 countries and dozens of offices, Airswift can provide your company with support and local knowledge, even in the most remote locations. Airswift has hundreds of employees who come from technical backgrounds in the process, infrastructure, and energy fields who can help your company connect with the right talent, even for highly demanding and educated positions.

The teams at Airswift can streamline human resource administration by creating custom, fully scalable solutions for your company’s HR needs. Instead of struggling to grow your internal HR team for contractor recruiting to job site mobility, rely on Airswift to provide your company with support for all critical HR functions.