HSSE Manager Jobs Downstream

Just like any industry, energy needs those who work in the offices and far away from the actual oil fields and refineries. These are the people that keep the companies running. Among them are those in health administration, which is part of HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environmental). Health administration might not have much to do with energy at a glance, but it is essential to keeping the industry going.

Airswift is a workforce solutions provider for the energy industry. We take care of the staffing and recruiting needs for our top name brand company clients, and foster careers for the thousands of candidates named in our database. From an HSSE manager to a roustabout to the person in the corner office, we connect talented and motivated workers with the most rewards jobs and companies available to make the industry the best it can be.

Of course, when we were founded more than 35 years ago, any HSSE jobs we supported were happening around our home base. We put a lot of energy into expansion to maintain more than 50 office locations all over the globe. Our employees number 800 and we work with thousands of consultants.

Our projects are taking place in 57 countries, and we specialize in relocation for HSSE and every other aspect of the energy industry.
Implementing New Applications for Energy

When new developments happen in health administration and other areas, an HSSE manager might be responsible for implementing the tool and training the staff on how to use it. Again, this might not be directly related to the energy itself, but is necessary for optimal functioning of the company.

For company clients, we will ensure that you meet only the most qualified candidates for these positions. Let us take care of the background checks and negotiations while you concentrate on growing your brand and running the company.

Find Great Jobs for Operations Managers In HSSE

If you are excited to find your dream job in health administration, Airswift is the place to begin and end your search. First, we will have you work with a recruitment consultant and polish your resume to make certain it is attracting the right eyes. Then, with your personal account manager, you will set your career on the most ideal path as a contract worker. We also support direct hire positions.

If relocation is part of getting that perfect job, we will help you and your life through this transition. From logistics to legal documentation, we are there to make it happen for you.

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