Industry Salaries

Airswift is the largest network of contractors in the world for the energy, process and infrastructure sectors. With over 800 employees and 6,000 contractors operating in over 50 countries, our geographical reach and pool of talent available is unmatched in the industry, and we are more than prepared to negotiate some of the most competitive industry salary rates for those who work through us. We are also one of the leading services for employers who are looking for qualified contractors who are motivated by a passion for the industry and not just lucrative industry salaries. We work together to help staff and employ every staff member from administrative assistants and vice presidents to roundabouts and geotechnical engineers.

What Is the Expected Industry Salary for Different Positions?

Because of the high demand for workers in the energy, process and infrastructure sectors, industry salaries are higher than other sectors of the economy. According to news sources, the work is difficult, but the amount of compensation for the work is better than other areas that are just as demanding. A typical average salary for a person in the industry is $99,175 American. An entry-level roundabout can expect to make an industry salary of $35,000 American per year, but will receive on-the-job training and be able to qualify for more lucrative positions with time put in working with Airswift.

Engineers on land are capable of making over $100,000 in America for an industry salary and can make upwards of $200,000 with several years of experience under their belts. Those who work offshore can make even more because of the in-demand skills needed for oceanic work.


As you put in more time as a worker in the energy, process and infrastructure sectors, you can expect a higher salary. Airswift will take care of human resources tasks such as expected remuneration agreements, contract negotiations, background checks, drug screenings and payroll assistance so you can maintain a positive and productive work relationship with your employer.


Because of the nature of the work, industry salaries vary and differ depending on what part of the world you are located. Airswift will help with expected remuneration no matter what part of the world you are assigned to. Not only will we take care of your industry salary, we will also help with all relocation and logistic aspects so you can safely and comfortably get to work in your new home. Residency, transportation and the shipment of goods from your home are all taken care of by our business team. We can even secure passports and visas if you are sent to another country for employment.


If you have prior experience in the industry or are interested in learning more about it, our customer service representatives are here to help field your questions. Please fill the contact form below or call us with any questions about the energy, process and infrastructure sectors.