International Employment Agencies in Canada

    In order to remain competitive in the global energy, process, and infrastructure industries, your company will likely need to seek international contracts or projects and also hire international workers. Expanding the geographic area where you operate can help you connect with fresh income and continue to grow your business. However, choosing to service broader areas, especially those in different countries or on different continents, can create its own set of complications. Staffing and international compliance are among the most critical.

    You likely already recognize that your company is only as strong and successful as the talent you employ. During expansion to new Canadian projects, you will need the best possible professionals to ensure you meet your deadline and stay within budget. Whether you need help with positions that demand education and experience, or building a contingent workforce capable of international relocation, outside companies can offer great solutions for your company as it expands into Canada.

    Outside Employment Agencies Simplify Hiring

    Locating the right talent is a difficult prospect, even if your company only operates in one city or country. If you choose to seek work all over the globe, you will experience unpredictable challenges related to securing or relocating talent. While Canada may be a developed nation, it also covers a massive area. You may struggle to handle the various compliance and logistics issues related to moving international staff to a Canadian worksite.

    International employment agencies in Canada can relocate talent for positions such as architectural design, environmental engineering, or chemistry. These agencies can also secure talent and staffing for maintenance, production, and similar positions. The one major drawback to working with Canada employment agencies for internationals is that they may only service Canada. They also may not handle the actual relocation process, which could leave you juggling multiple vendors and struggling to find the best potential talent due to a limited pool of candidates. Instead, choose Airswift as your partner in all your employment needs.

    Airswift Can Connect You with International Talent in Canada

    Airswift stands out among employment agencies in Canada for internationals because we not only have a presence across Canada, but all over the world. Airswift has offices in every major energy hub, including Canada. More than just an employment agency, Airswift is a global workforce solutions provider, which means we offer more than just recruitment services, but full support for any and all employment and workforce needs. Whether you need support managing or consolidating multiple vendors, insights on talent data analytics, or regional support for international employees, Airswift has global manpower, industry experience, and local knowledge to support your business. For more than 30 years, Airswift has built a reputation for understanding the needs of our clients and creating custom, scalable solutions for even their most complex projects and remote locations.

    Whether your company is upgrading infrastructure in a remote Northern Canadian town or extracting natural resources on an offshore rig, Airswift can help you recruit and relocate the best international talent and staffing for your Canadian project or contract. Why limit your company’s pool of talent or the areas where it can conduct business? Choose Airswift to learn how simple international hiring and compliance for Canadian and other distance work sites can really be.

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