International Jobs Africa

Welcome to Airswift. We are a leader in staffing and recruiting for the energy industry. If you are seeking international jobs in Africa, or if you are an employer in need of new people in your division, Airswift can help. It will be our pleasure to welcome you to our world-class company!

Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Our global network and recruitment specialists combine to make international jobs Africa possible for both job seekers and hiring companies.

Our global reach and pool of talent are unprecedented and all candidates are eager to work for companies who offer international jobs in Africa. We foster relationships between these candidates and our wonderful company clients with the help of our hundreds of employees and thousands of consultants.


All of the candidates that our company clients meet will possess at least two of the following criteria: Candidates for international job opportunities in Africa will meet 90 percent of the skills outlined by the employer, will work within the specified salary range, and be motivated by at least one non-monetary factor. This makes for great workers who will find jobs that can help them feel fulfilled.


When you apply for a job on our website, you will work with a recruitment specialist who will work with you throughout the interview and hiring process. As a contractor, you will have a personal account manager who guides you during your assignment and helps with any future opportunities. If you are hiring for international jobs Africa offers, we will take the time to understand what you need in your new workers.


If you are looking for international jobs in Africa, visit our job board and apply for a job. If you are hiring and need assistance, contact us to let us know how we can help.