International Payroll Companies

The process, energy, and infrastructure industries are highly competitive. Contracts can make or break a business and cost net millions of dollars for the jobs. In order for your company to remain competitive, it is most likely necessary for you to bid on and complete projects in a number of different countries. You may need to accept contracts on the other side of the world where you will need to care for staff, which will include the logistics of daily needs, the process of relocation, and international payroll processing.

Working with an international staff or staff dispersed through a number of countries can prove to be quite challenging. While you plan for compliance and relocation needs, you may be overlooking an important consideration. International payroll is much more complex than straightforward payroll issued to a citizen for working in one’s country of origin. Ensuring compliance with regulations both in the location where work takes place and in the country where you are headquartered is critical to the ongoing success of your business.

Complexities of International Payroll

Every country has different rules and tax requirements. For example, the United States requires that employers withhold federal and state taxes, as well as taxes for Medicaid and Social Security. Different incomes require different rates of taxation. There can be a lot of variables that make payroll a complicated process. When you add a second country to the situation, it becomes even more difficult. That is why a lot of businesses in the infrastructure, energy, and process fields choose to work with outside international payroll providers. 

International payroll companies can offer comprehensive international payroll solutions. Unfortunately, many international payroll companies are limited to only certain countries, which could mean you find yourself juggling multiple different payroll providers., which can create its own set of issues and complications. Instead of working with multiple companies or a company that can only provide one service, choose to work with an experienced provider. Choose Airswift. 

Airswift Has the Experience and Global Network You Need

Airswift is a global workforce solutions provider with over 30 years of experience providing Global Mobility services, including international payroll solutions. Airswift understands the demands placed on companies in competitive, global industries. We know that no two companies are alike. Therefore, we provide customized and scalable solutions to fit any and all of your workforce needs, whether its sourcing capable talent, managing an entire workforce, or providing international payroll processing.

Airswift has both the local presence you need for remote worksites and a truly worldwide network you can rely on, no matter how big or small your project. We maintain over 50 offices with global mobility specialists who are knowledgeable in local laws and requirements, making Airswift one of the best providers for international payroll.

Airswift can offer you the peace of mind that comes from working with a well-established industry leader. More importantly, when you choose Airswift, you choose not to limit your company’s reach or ability to continue growing. No matter how complex your international payroll needs may be, Airswift can create a customized solution that works for you.