International Relocation

Running a business in the energy, process, or infrastructure industries can be quite challenging. In addition to maintaining your existing business, there is a constant search for new opportunities. Many times, businesses will need to seek out international contracts to stay competitive. However, the effort does not end there. Once you have been awarded a contract in an international location, you have to start planning the logistics of completing your obligations.

You will need to consider supplies, machinery, facilities for workers and production, and even the process of international relocation for your staff. You may need to transport an entire crew to a new location for the duration of the contract. Sometimes, you can hire a number of local workers to complete the labor, manufacturing, or construction aspects of your projects, but you may find it difficult to identify local talent if you don’t already have a presence in the project location. When it comes to relocation, international efforts are definitely more complex than a domestic relocation.

Long-Distance Relocations Require Experience and Planning

In order to successfully mobilize a workforce from one country and acclimate them to another, many issues must be addressed. Each worker will need to apply for a work visa or permit for the new country. If staff has not worked abroad before, they will need passports as well. There are also international tax compliance issues to consider. Every country has its own approach to payroll and income taxes. These complexities are why so many companies in the infrastructure, energy, and process industries choose to work with a company that provides international relocation services.

If you are looking at international relocation package examples, remember that price is only one of many concerns. A cheaper service will not offer any long-term benefits if there are compliance issues with the process. Your project could end up delayed because of inadequate staffing. In some cases, you could even lose a contract. You want to choose a relocation company that has experience with international relocation assistance and compliance in the region. You want to choose a company that can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing all paperwork and documentation has been carefully handled. Choose a company that can handle it all. Choose Airswift.

Airswift Understands International Relocations

Airswift is a global workforce solutions provider with over 30 years of experience helping clients not only with their international relocations, but with the recruiting, managing, and mobilization of local and international workers to new project locations. Airswift has an international network and over 50 office locations worldwide that have allowed us to help companies set up new offices and deliver their workforce to hundreds of locations safely and compliantly.

Whether you need to relocate one or several hundred workers, Airswift has the resources to make the process simpler. Our staff can handle everything from compliance with international travel and tax laws to assisting your staff with acclimation at the work site. Compliance and having dependable staffing can make all the difference when your business is striving to complete an international contract. Airswift is a workforce solutions provider with decades of experience and the kind of reach your company needs when it is time to move your workforce to a new location.