International Staffing Agency

Growing businesses often have trouble identifying and hiring workers for positions in other countries. Expanding your offices or facilities to new cities, states and countries can be exciting, but it also creates a lot of challenges. The same is true of accepting contracts or projects in another country. You may suddenly need to hire dozens of highly skilled employees for positions in a country where you do not yet have an official presence, which is why many growing companies rely on international staffing agencies to help recruit workers for new and temporary openings. However, before the recruitment process can begin, you need to choose the right international staffing agency that can help you find and relocate the right talent anywhere around the world.

Companies that need international recruiting staffing solutions may initially make the mistake of hiring a different staffing company in each country where they operate. In time, it can become overwhelming to coordinate with so many companies, each with their own policies and talent pools. Instead, choose to work with a company that truly offers international staffing solutions. Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider in the energy, process and infrastructure industries. For over 30 years, Airswift has supported clients of all sizes recruit, hire and board on workforces, both on a contingent and permanent basis, for projects in the most remote or populous locations worldwide. Airswift can support a broad range of positions, from engineering and chemical positions to basic labor.

Airswift Can Create Custom and Scalable Staffing Solutions

Providing workforce solutions means we provide more than just staffing and recruitment. Airswift offers a selection of proven services that can be tailored to your company’s specific needs. At Airswift, we are dedicated to making partnerships with our clients in order to better understand the goals for their business. Rather than work with multiple agencies in various countries, choose to work with Airswift. We have over 700 employees in over 50 offices around the world. Our teams have local knowledge and expertise to assist with any of your concerns, especially if you are working from a different country. Our Global Mobility Solutions are available to not only support our clients relocating their workforces, but they also ensure your workforce experiences a seamless and stress-free mobilization.

Finding talent for your available positions will not be difficult with Airswift. Our experience and understanding of the energy, process and infrastructure industries has proven to locate workers for a broad range of positions, including environmental scientists, chemists and engineers, as well as executives and custodial experts. Whether you are looking for local or national staff, or for the right candidate who is willing to relocate to your project site. Airswift has a database in excess of 500,000 potential candidates and over 6,000 actively working contractors.

Choose Airswift for Your International Staffing Agency

When you choose Airswift, you choose to partner with a company with comprehensive solutions and world class service. Our services don’t end when we find your talent. We can support or act in place of your human resources department and assist with the hiring process, including background checks, vetting and any necessary medical requirements. Further, our service teams support workers through the on-boarding process and are available for any support thereafter.

Companies that choose Airswift can rely on the results we provide. No matter how many new staff members you need and where you need them, choose Airswift to provide you with reliable workforce solutions.