Job Recruitment Agencies in Canada

    Given the impressive size of the country and its wealth of natural gas and oil resources, it is not surprising that many energy, infrastructure, and process companies bid on projects and contracts in Canada. Canada has many energy-related resources that can benefit your business, as well as many opportunities for projects as it expands and upgrades infrastructure in more remote sections of the country. For all those potential benefits, however, Canada does present challenges to businesses that wish to do work there, including concerns about international law compliance and very remote locations.

    Some companies choose to relocate their existing staff for Canadian projects, while others prefer to hire locally. If your company needs to conduct a talent search, Canada presents some unique complications. For example, the country of Canada covers the second largest amount of land area of any country. You may need to attempt recruitment in multiple cities and provinces. Once you connect with the right talent, you will have to consider relocation to the work site. All of those details can make working with recruitment agencies for jobs in Canada a wise decision.

    Outside Companies Can Streamline Your Hiring Process

    Attempting to fill vacant positions or recruit top talent for key roles is stressful. The more positions you have, the more strain you place on your internal human resources team. Deciding to work with a Canada job recruitment agency can help your existing staff focus on internal issues, while hiring and recruiting is managed by an outside firm with the right technical experience. However, it’s important to realize that not all job recruitment agencies in Canada understand the demands and needs of a company in the competitive energy, process, and infrastructure industries.

    Location is only one concern when you choose your recruitment agency. You should also consider the expertise and experience of the staff managing your recruitment process. Airswift is a global workforce solutions provider with over 30 years of experience providing not only recruitment services, but also various employment and staffing support, global relocation and immigration services, and consulting and talent data insights. Airswift is a leader in recruitment and staffing in part because our internal staff have technical backgrounds in these industries. We understand the complex needs of your company and can create tailored solutions for your Canadian project and any future contracts as well. This is why Airswift is more than just a staffing agency, but a full workforce solutions provider.

    Choose Airswift as Your Canadian Job Recruitment Agency

    Airswift is unique among Canadian job recruitment agencies because it has a developed presence all over the world. Our global network includes over 7,000 employees and working contractors and more than 60 offices around the world with four located across Canada. Our Canadian teams provide regional support and knowledge of our industries, as well as understanding of local laws and compliance and relationships with the Canadian workforce. After you finish your Canadian project and move on to the next contract, Airswift will still be able to provide your company with reliable, custom workforce solutions, no matter where the location. Airswift has reach and connections in any market around the world with an established reputation that helps us attract and recruit some of the best talent in the world, including workers willing to relocate to Canada.

    Your business should not be limited by the capabilities of outside service providers or vendors and the complications that may arise from working with multiple vendors. Instead, choose Airswift to streamline your Canadian recruitment and learn about how easy international expansion and hiring can be for your business. Don’t risk delays caused by difficulty hiring or relocating staff when you can rely on Airswift to manage the entire process for you.

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