Key Energy Jobs

At Airswift, we are proud to work with many of the leading names in the energy industry. We have amazing working relationships with great companies in 57 countries, and it is a joy to connect them with the best workers on the market.

One of the businesses with whom we work is Key Energy, an American company based in Texas. Whether you want to work Key Energy jobs, or are seeking new staff members for them, Airswift is the ideal partner for energy staffing and recruiting. Unlike many other employment agencies, we focus only in the energy industry, and we are deeply acquainted with every aspect of it. We know how to bring the connections you need.

When we were founded more than 35 years ago, Key Energy careers were not at the forefront of our operations and our staff was limited. We knew that expansion was vital to our growth, and we worked to create a presence in North America and eventually the rest of the world. Now, we employ 800 people in more than 50 global offices. We have thousands of candidates in our database who are supported by the thousands of consultants by helping them meet with the most rewarding companies.

Our Diverse Work

Key Energy jobs are just one part of what we do. We are able to support contractors and clients at all levels of the company, from entry level to executive. Permanent and temporary jobs are both available. Those who work with Airswift know they can count on our international network to help them make the most of their businesses and careers.

Getting Started with Key Energy Careers

We understand how overwhelming job hunting and candidate hiring can be. We want to simplify and streamline the process by taking care of much of the busy work for you. Candidates enjoy assistance with resumes from recruitment specialists who know where to find the best Key Energy job openings. Contractors will have personal account managers who keep in contact to ensure your career is going as hoped.

For clients, we take care of any needed human resources Including screenings and negotiations. We will only present the most suitable candidates who will be motivated, experienced, and ready to work within your parameters.

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Learn how we can assist with Key Energy jobs. Create an account and upload your resume to apply for a job. You can also fill in the contact form below. For company clients looking to hire, please submit a staffing request on our website.