Lab Technician Jobs

Businesses operating in the energy, process and infrastructure industries often hire a broad range of educated and skilled professionals. It is not uncommon to need experienced and educated clinical laboratory personnel. However, it can be difficult to identify and recruit the right talent for these positions in a timely manner.

Whether your company is growing and accepting contracts in new, international locations, finding the right people for critical lab technician jobs can be challenging. Redistributing resources to support the recruitment process can cause real delays and be costly.

There is a solution, and it is choosing Airswift. Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider in the energy, process and infrastructure industries with over 30 years of experience in supporting major clients and small businesses successfully identify and hire workers for their open laboratory personnel jobs. Whether you need a permanent lab technician for your primary manufacturing facility or clinical laboratory professionals for a contracted project, Airswift has the services and experience to support your company’s needs.

Airswift Can Help Your Company Fill Key Laboratory Positions

Most staffing companies are just that, staffing companies. Airswift is a workforce solutions provider, which means our services not only cover the acquisition of new talent, but an entire array of staffing solutions to allow your business to achieve its goals. Airswift is dedicated to partnering with its clients in order to provide scalable solutions, whether that includes supporting a corporate relocation of an entire workforce into a new country or consolidating staffing vendors to eliminate additional cost. Not all staffing companies can offer the same services as Airswift. In addition, Airswift has an expansive global network of clients, partners, workers and internal staff. We currently have more than 700 employees operating in over 50 offices around the world to support over 6,000 actively working contractors.

Our international network coupled with our candidate database of more than 500,000 potential workers allows us to help our clients identify the right talent for critical positions like laboratory technician jobs. Airswift has supported hiring for short-term, contract laboratory technician positions as well as for permanent positions at any level. Whether you need localized talent or the right talent that is willing to relocate, Airswift has proven experience to support your company’s needs. Additionally, Airswift can help your company with the logistics and legal paperwork involved in the contractor relocation process.

Choose Airswift for Your Laboratory Staffing Needs

Companies that choose Airswift generally hire us repeatedly because our scalable and custom workforce solutions help companies continue to perform and grow, even in the most competitive job markets. Finding the right laboratory technicians to help your company handle chemical processes or manage critical machinery doesn’t need to be difficult and time-consuming work when you choose Airswift to handle your workforce needs. Recruitment should not keep your company from thriving, expanding and fulfilling critical contracts. When you choose Airswift, we will connect you with the right talent for your open lab technician positions.