Land Rig Jobs

Airswift is the largest group of contractors in the energy, process and infrastructure industries. We maintain and manage an unmatched database of contractors who are currently working in over 57 energy producing countries around the world. We have over 50 global offices located in the financial centers of the energy industry and maintain strategic relationships with some of the biggest names in energy production, development and transportation. We are currently looking for qualified people to fill land based oil rig jobs. We also want to help you find the right candidate to fill your land rig jobs from our massive candidate database.

Who Can Fill On-Land Oil Rig Jobs?

Land rig jobs are physically demanding and require long hours of hard work. Because of the commitment involved, Airswift looks for experienced contractors who have shown their passion for the industry. We also consider hiring new contractors to fill on land oil rig jobs who show the proper traits and qualities for filling the positions.

Where Are Land Rig Jobs Stationed?

The needs of energy consumers must be met in developed and developing countries around the world. Virtually every continent has the need to fill land rig jobs and supply their citizens with enough energy to power their homes and businesses. Because of this global need, you may be required to fill on land oil rig jobs in a country that is foreign to you. Airswift takes care of the complications by having our business staff handle all travel logistics so you have a residence and adequate transportation away from home. We also help you acquire passports and visas so you are legal to work in any country that requires your services.

Continuing Work After Your First Land Based Oil Rig Job

Once a job is complete or your contract expires, Airswift does everything it takes to make sure your employment needs are fulfilled. Our entire staff works to find you a new contract for land rig jobs, even before your current contract expires. We even help you develop a professional resume so your skills stand out to employers and you can find the land rig jobs you truly desire.

Airswift Human Resources Services

Are you an energy producer looking to staff open land rig jobs with qualified candidates? Airswift makes sure to fill your open positions with contractors who meet at least 90 percent of your requirements. We also act as a full-service human resources firm and take care of important formalities like background checks and drug screens before you decide to hire a contractor for your business.

Contact Airswift Today

If you are looking for the next step for the advancement of your career, a land rig job through Airswift may be the perfect fit for you. If interested, give us a phone call or fill in the contact form below to speak with a representative who will answer any of your questions about on land oil rig jobs.