LNG Jobs

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a highly specialized area of the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Converting natural gas to a liquid might make it take up less space, but it’s still a delicate product with which to work. When you’re in this sector, you need expert LNG recruitment on your side.

Since the 1980s, Airswift has enjoyed ongoing relationships with Energy, process and infrastructure companies and contractors. LNG jobs are just one aspect of our staffing and recruitment services, all of which receive personalized attention, and our efforts to connect amazing talent with a company’s need. Let us take the burden of a job or employee search from your shoulders, and implement our proven strategies for successful LNG careers.


Perhaps you feel like you’ve exhausted the possibilities of LNG jobs in your area. You’ll be glad to know that Airswift is a global company with over 25 international offices and contractors working in 35 countries. Whether you want LNG jobs to take you across town or to another hemisphere, we’ll be able to find something for you. You’ll begin by meeting your account manager, who converses with you every two weeks or so about your search. We’ll also start looking at your resume, to make certain it’s designed to be attractive to the right employers. If you land a temporary position, we’ll start looking for a replacement right away.

Beyond your LNG job, Airswift makes you feel supported. If relocation is part of the deal, we’ll provide transportation and housing, as well as a concierge package to introduce you to your new home. It’s important to us that the LNG careers of our contractors do more than simply pay the bills.


Filing vacant LNG jobs can seem daunting, but we like to think we streamline your process. Airswift takes care of background checks, drug screens, salary arbitration, contract negotiation, payroll services, benefits packages and so much more. Going beyond simple LNG recruitment, we make it possible for you to concentrate on company growth, and provide support to help you get there.

Like anything else, LNG involves all kinds of positions. Count on Airswift to put you in touch with laborers, management, engineers, executives, administrative assistants and anyone else you might want to meet. As always, they’ll fulfill 90% or more of your outlined skill set, and be motivated by a passion for energy, process and infrastructure industries.


When you’re ready to take that next step with LNG recruitment, call Airswift. It’ll be our pleasure to help you land the LNG job of your dreams, or fuel an LNG career with a vacant position. Please complete the contact form below or browse the office locator for a specific office. We look forward to speaking with you about top notch LNG recruitment!