Logistics Jobs

At Airswift, we include materials and logistics careers as one of our key disciplines. Whether you are interested in being a logistic coordinator, group lead or contract manager, we are ready to connect you to the companies in need of such workers. On the other hand, if you have vacant logistics jobs at your company, trust Airswift to get them filled.

For over 35 years, we have been leading the energy, process and infrastructure industry in staffing and recruiting. From logistics careers to top-level executives, we have connections with many individuals and top brands directing the industry. Our start may have been small with only a few employees in London, but we have since grown and are now a global leader in our field. With more than 50 offices dotting the globe, hundreds of employees, thousands of contractors and an unrivaled pool of talent, we are undoubtedly your connection for a logistic coordinator.

When you sign up for logistics careers, you will join an international network that maintains a presence in 57 countries on six continents. Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries.


Hoping to start your logistics career? Sign up with us to be a candidate, and you will work with a recruitment specialist to begin your search. We will spend time polishing your resume to ensure that it is attracting the right eyes within logistics careers. Once you become a contractor, you will be matched with a personal account manager who will keep in touch every two weeks.

If you have taken a job that requires you to relocate, we will include a concierge pack that helps you acclimate to your new home.


You will find the perfect candidate for your vacant logistics job when you choose Airswift. We will only send people who have 90 percent or more of your required skill set. These men and women will also be motivated by more than a paycheck. They will be eager to work within your specified salary and environment and be ready to grow within your organization.

Airswift will conduct human resources tasks including benefits and payroll services. Better yet, since our candidates are not on the job boards, you know that you are not competing for the best in the business with lesser agencies.


Please feel free to contact us by using the contact form below or by using the office locator to reach a specific office. Whether you want to be a logistic coordinator or hire a new one, we are your solution.