Logistics Management Specialist

Providing for all the needs of your growing energy, infrastructure or process industry business can be difficult. Supplies and components are needed, but you don’t want to use up all your liquid capital on materials only to need something else, which is why many companies employ a logistics management specialist. These highly experienced and skilled professionals are able to help your company manage its supply chain, arrange for critical functions to be performed in a timely manner, and coordinate a network of contractors, such as delivery drivers, to ensure there are no disruptions to your workflow.

However, you will also need to get your logistics specialist job description out to potential workers to recruit and hire. This is a task in and of itself. Typically, these professionals must be able to monitor and recall large amounts of data from various sources, manage processes to maximize efficiency, and ensure that everything is happening on schedule and budget. Given how critical those roles are to the daily functions of your company, logistics specialist jobs can be some of the most critical to your company’s continued success and growth and difficult to recruit. When you have a logistics opening, you need to know your new hire is competent and capable. It can make a major difference on your business productivity to outsource the recruitment process to a staffing agency. Rather than choose any staffing agency, choose a company that provides tailored workforce solutions. Choose Airswift.

Airswift Can Help You Fill Logistics Management Positions

Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider in the energy, process and infrastructure industries. We provide fully customizable solutions for our clients’ business needs, including the often difficult recruitment of the best logistics professionals. Airswift has three decades of experience providing solutions to our clients, whether this is consolidating existing vendors to provide a more streamlined and cost-efficient recruitment process or successfully mobilizing an entire workforce to a new country. If your logistics management specialist job description is looking for a permanent addition to your business or you need to identify a skilled logistics specialist willing to relocate for a six-month assignment, Airswift has proven experience and resources to assist your business. Our global network and candidate database of over 500,000 potential workers helps our clients connect with the talent they need for a variety of positions, including logistics roles. Only your company knows exactly what it needs, and when you choose to partner with Airswift, we will take the time to understand these needs in order to better support you and your company.

Airswift employs more than 700 people who work in over 50 offices supporting more than 6,000 contractors working in over 50 countries around the world. Our recruitment and service teams have world class experience and local expertise to support all your hiring and on-boarding needs.

Choose Airswift for Logistics Management Staffing

The recruitment process for your available logistics positions doesn’t have to be drawn-out or time-consuming. If your company needs skilled help as soon as possible, choosing Airswift to outsource the process is your best option. Airswift can help you find local logistics professionals near the work location or recruit a professional who is willing to relocate for the position, as well as conduct the full on-boarding process and any necessary relocation, including visa, immigration and assignment services.

If your company needs help hiring workers for important logistics positions, choose Airswift. We can connect you with the talent that can keep your company operating efficiently.