London Relocation Services

For companies expanding into Europe, London is an ideal location. The city has a large population which includes many skilled and educated professionals, making local recruiting easier. The location to the west of mainland Europe offers many benefits for growing companies, including ease of communication and travel to both Europe and the Americas. If your company is considering a relocation to London, however, there are many details you need to manage throughout that process.

Handling these details internally can stress and overwhelm your management and human resources teams. First, you need to determine which staff members will relocate, and then you need to secure office, commercial, or industrial space for your company. After that, concerns about compliance, logistics, budget, and schedule arise. For companies considering relocation, London presents some unique challenges as well, such as higher cost of living and a lopsided real estate market. It often makes sense to work with an outside company to manage the relocation process.

Outsourced Relocation Services Can Speed up the Process

Moving your company headquarters to London can take months and cost quite a bit of money. Experience with relocation and familiarity with London as a city can simplify the process. However, if you do not have staff members that have managed a relocation previously, it is all too easy to overlook critical steps in the process or underestimate what is needed for success. Therefore many companies moving to a new location work with an outside company to manage all of these complex details.

For those companies offering relocation services, London is not often a challenge, but some of the companies that offer London relocation services do not have a presence where you are currently located. They may also have a limited range, meaning you would need to work with another company for all future relocation and mobility needs. Why waste the time and effort to secure relocation service to London, only to need to find another company for future needs? Airswift offers worldwide relocation and global mobility services which are designed to suit your needs.

Choose Airswift for Your Relocation to London

With more than 30 years of experience with global mobility and relocations, Airswift knows exactly what kinds of challenges you are likely to encounter during the move. From managing logistics about staff, supplies, and machinery to scheduling flights and ensuring legal compliance, Airswift can handle every aspect of your company’s relocation. While many companies have a presence in the United Kingdom or Europe, fewer have an established presence in Africa, the Middle East, and South America. Airswift can offer your company truly global reach combined with the experience you need.

Instead of struggling to manage the relocation process internally or partnering with an outside company that offers very few additional services, choose Airswift. Our technical knowledge, global reach, and industry experience in energy, infrastructure, and process helps ensure we can offer workable solutions for your company.