Malaysia Jobs

At Airswift, we specialize in energy, process and infrastructure staffing in recruiting. We believe a career should open a world of opportunity, and we strive to do just that by offering superior relocating services.

Since we began in a small London office, jobs in Malaysia for foreigners seemed out of reach. In the same way that we dreams to expand globally, we recognize the same passion in others. Part of our mission is to sustain a solid, global network; we offer a turnkey workforce solution by aligning with the unique needs of our clients. For the smallest company client to the top ranking energy, process and infrastructure CEO, we combine personal attention with global dreams.

The growth we have had speaks for itself. From that one small office we have expanded into more than 50 locations all over the world. Our hundreds of employees and thousands of contractors make us what we are, and bring together our global and incomparably expansive pool of talent with the most rewarding companies out there. Because we have such a far-reaching network, we are able to facilitate some of the most amazing relocation projects out there.


Jobs in Malaysia for foreigners might seem like a hard thing to come by, but with Airswift, it is a whole lot easier. A part of our services are to help facilitate relocation, so we aim to make it easier on you during the transition, by helping you with paperwork, visas, etc. We help with travel and housing logistics, and even throw in a concierge pack to help you get to know your new home.

Some jobs might be permanent, while others are only temporary. In the case of the later, we will certainly get to work finding a replacement position for you. In the meantime, enjoy living and working in Malaysia!


Since we have a global reach, Airswift can send you candidates from Europe, Australia, the United States along with many other areas. So many people are looking for job vacancies in Malaysia for foreigners, and would love the chance to work with you. Rest assured that everyone we send will be vetted and eager to work for you, and be motivated by more than a paycheck.


We have so much to discuss and offer you, and hope you’ll get in touch soon. Please take a minute to fill in the contact form below, or use the office locator to get in touch directly. We’ll look forward to speaking with you!