Managed Service Company

Operating a successful business in the energy, process, or infrastructure industry can be quite challenging. Not only do you need to compete with other businesses for contracts and projects, you have to manage every project you successfully obtain, which means locating contractors, ensuring international compliance, and arranging for competent management of each project and contact, no matter how far afield the location.

For many companies, including large, established corporations with an international reach, the demands of international operations and growth can prove overwhelming. Interruptions to your hiring process, your supply line, or project work can result in a lost contract or financial liabilities. These issues and many more are examples of why companies in these highly competitive fields choose to work with managed service provider companies. After all, a managed services company allows you to focus on client relations and growth instead of the daily minutia of operations.

Rapid Growth Can Be as Challenging as Slow or Stagnant Growth

Securing new contracts and projects helps to ensure there is ongoing work for your staff and an influx of capital that allows you to continue growing and seeking new projects. While suddenly winning several bids can offer your company fresh opportunities, it can also create a host of potential issues. You will have to find a way to get all workers, from laborers to management, to the work site. You will also need to ensure your business is following all local laws once the project begins.

Every country has unique laws regarding work permits and visas, international taxation, and employment regulations. No matter how skilled and educated your human resources team may be, they likely don’t have experience working in every continent, let alone in every unique nation, which can leave your company and your project at risk for compliance issues. Failing to adequately comply with local and international laws can result in the loss of contracts and damage to your hard-won reputation.

Managed Services Companies Like Airswift Handle Mobility for You

You have enough to focus on with managing the daily operations of your company. You do not need the added stress of trying to learn the laws and regulations for each individual work site. Choosing to partner with a managed service company means that you can focus on your own business while a more experienced company can handle the details of compliance, worker relocation, and supply chain concerns. The best managed services companies can scale their service to your current needs.

There may be times when you need help from managed service companies for multiple projects simultaneously, while other times you may not have any international projects. You need support from a company that can scale to your needs and offer you practical, experienced support in any of areas around the world where you might have a project underway. Airswift has more than 50 international offices and over 30 years of excellent results in providing managed services to companies.