Managed Service Provider

Growing companies in the energy, process, and infrastructure fields need a broad range of support services. These businesses must often seek contracts and projects in offshore locations. The demands involved in completing an international project can overwhelm even well-established businesses. Workers will need to be recruited at the job site or relocated from their country of origin. Tax issues, work permits, and travel arrangements be handled quickly and efficiently. There are concerns about payroll, employee acclimation needs, and even compliance issues with laws.

All of this can overload your existing staff. If you find yourself accepting two or more contracts or projects simultaneously, it could strain your internal resources even further. Why risk making a mistake that leads to delays, expensive legal compliance issues, or damage to your hard-earned reputation for excellence?

Many companies have already learned that partnering with a managed service provider can make expansion easier. It also reduces the financial obligations and worries that arise in slower times between major projects.

What Is a Managed Services Provider?

For those unfamiliar with the term, managed service providers are companies that allow businesses to outsource critical tasks that they cannot handle internally. Often, these tasks are knowledge-critical and technical, like tax compliance or global mobility. These firms may offer management consulting services to plan how you manage and expand your workforce, as well as comprehensive human resources support, from recruiting and mobility to retention planning. Attempting to handle all of this internally could require creating and funding numerous positions without a full-time workload.

Outsourcing those needs to a managed services provider allows your company to draw on experienced, professional resources without overextending itself with internal hiring. You can connect with skilled talent who can handle your needs without causing financial complications for your business. Airswift is a managed services provider for the energy, process, and infrastructure industries. With a truly global presence, Airswift stands out among managed services providers as the ideal solution for your growing pains.

Airswift Specializes in Managed Services and Workforce Solutions

Why would you work with one company for recruiting in a particular location, another for payroll and another for supply chain and vendor management? As a workforce solutions provider, Airswift excels at creating comprehensive solutions for clients that scale and adjust to their current and future needs. Working with dozens of companies for services you could retain from one complicates the outsourcing process instead of simplifying it. Airswift has a globally developed professional network that can help your company.

Airswift can manage everything from recruiting and relocating skilled contractors for upcoming projects to payroll and local regulatory compliance issues. The team at Airswift can even manage your other external vendors, giving you one point of contact for all of your outsourced services. With more than 60 offices around the world and over 35 years of experience in helping companies remain competitive in an increasingly global economy, Airswift can connect your business with the solutions it needs. Choose Airswift as your managed service provider and learn how painless business growth can be!