Management Program

Growing into new markets is necessary for many businesses in the infrastructure, process and energy fields. These industries are highly competitive, often requiring companies to bid on projects in a number of locations to ensure ongoing growth. Working in different countries and locations can present unique challenges that are not experienced by businesses with one operational location. Just when you start to really understand the laws and processes in a particular region, it will be time to move on to the next big project or contract.

In order to ensure compliance with local tax laws, environmental regulations and international employment rules, you will need to invest in change management. Change management involves preparing for new locations or business practices. Good change management provides support to all teams and individuals within a business about to experience a change in procedure or operations. As this is a highly specialized field, it may make sense for your company to locate solutions through outsourcing.

Outsourcing Can Save Your Company Time and Capital

There are many things to take into consideration when your company is growing into a new market, and there can be a very steep learning curve associated with international business. From helping your employees transition to a new location to preparing them for the demands of a new project, change management can quickly overtake your regular responsibilities and distract you from focusing on growing and building your business.

Working with an outside company for change management can facilitate your expansion and help ensure compliance, no matter how remote the location. In some areas, simply ensuring a constant flow of project materials and necessary supplies for your workers could prove to be a full-time job. Ideally, you won’t have to work with separate change management and supply chain management companies.  The simplest solution for your business is to choose an outside firm with experience in the field, as well as an understanding of compliance needs in the area where you will be working.

Choose Airswift for Supply Chain and Change Management

Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider in the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Airswift stands out from other supply chain management firms because of our industry-specific knowledge, experience and global reach. Our team of professionals understands the demands of your project and can help your company manage mobility, change, compliance and the all-important supply chain that keeps your remote project moving forward.

Logistics failures can result in major delays, financial losses and even termination of a contract or project. Your business needs to do the best job possible to help ensure future contracts and growth. Airswift can help by managing your approach to the new location and handling your supply chain. Operating in more than 40 countries helps ensure that we can provide your business with exceptional real-world support in just about any market.

From compliance with tax laws and visa regulations to ensuring a constant supply chain for fresh water, construction components and other necessary items, Airswift can help your company manage growth, change and your supply chain regardless of the location of your project.