Manager Jobs

If you have been looking for a country manager job description that matches your skills, or if you have a description posted from your company, Airswift can help you fill this position along with a process manager job description, proposal manager jobs and many others.

Airswift is a staffing and recruiting specialist exclusively for the energy, process and infrastructure industries. The men and women listed in our candidate database are not on the job boards, and they are selected for their drive and expertise. We enjoy wonderful working relationships with many of the top name brands in energy, process and infrastructure, and anyone searching for a country manager job description or process manager job description have the chance to be matched with rewarding companies.

Over 35 years ago, we were just one small office in London, but we had our thoughts on expansion. We are now an international network with more than 50 offices around the world. Hundreds of employees and thousands of contractors make it possible for us to maintain work in 57 countries across six continents. Our global reach and pool of talent is unsurpassed.


If you feel like every time you see a country manager job description, it is with an agency that does not fully grasp your goals, you are not alone. Our mission is to be a guide throughout your career and ensure that you feel valued as a worker. When you see proposal manager jobs, or any others that you like, let us know, and we will discuss the opportunity with you.

Beyond this, we specialize in relocation and assist with arrangements for travel and housing. We also throw in a concierge pack to familiarize yourself with your new home.


If you have a vacant data manager job, but have no luck finding the right person, Airswift can help you. Airswift not only provides interviewees, but we can take on any human resources task with which you need help. Let us handle the drug screens, contract negotiation, salary arbitration and background checks for any level of employment, leaving the final decision up to you. All candidates will meet 90 percent or more of your outlined skill set and be motivated by more than just a paycheck.


Take control when you see that perfect country manager job description or process manager job description. fill in the contact form below, Apply for a job on our website or use the office locator found on our website. We will be in touch soon!