Manufacturing Engineering Jobs

Welcome to Airswift. For decades, we have led the way amongst the world’s energy, process and infrastructure staffing and recruiting companies. This includes supporting all aspects of manufacturing engineering jobs.

For more than 35 years, Airswift has been dedicated to growing, and always connecting with the top brands and individual talents in the energy industry. This commitment has helped us expand to maintaining over 50 offices worldwide staffed by 800 employees. We have thousands of consultants, an unmatched database and numerous company clients in 57 countries.

For those hoping for – or offering – a manufacturing engineering salary, this makes us a prime resource for support. We specialize in bringing together the most talented people with the most rewarding, and improving the energy sector while we do it. We’d love to make you a part of what we do here!

Searching for the Right Employee?

No more endless legwork when you need a new temporary or long term employee. Meet with the best of the best when we send Airswift candidates your way. These men and women hold significant real world experience and come with an eagerness to work for your organization. Better yet, they are driven by motivation that goes much deeper than a paycheck.

Airswift can handle just about any human resource task for manufacturing engineering jobs, including drug screens, background checks, salary arbitration and contract negotiation. By the time a candidate gets to you, we know they fulfill 90 percent or more of your outlined criteria. Concerned about payroll and benefits? Don’t be. Airswift takes care of all the details.

Hoping to Secure the Job of Your Dreams?

Sure, you want the manufacturing engineering salary, but you’re also selective about the kind of company you work with. Trust Airswift to put you in touch with the best opportunities. Whether you’re crossing the globe for an executive position, or working a rig in your home town, we will be your guide.

Work with your personal account manager to keep up with current openings, and ensure that your resume is ready to stand up to the challenge of a manufacturing engineering career. For temporary positions, we seek out a replacement, and for relocation, we take care of all the logistics.

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