Marathon Petroleum Texas City

Airswift is a leading staffing and recruiting company with over 35 years of exclusive focus in the energy, process and infrastructure industries. We abide by a set of core principles in all that we do. From Marathon Petroleum Texas City to locations in Europe and Africa, we share our integrity with everyone we work with.

We have the global reach and local presence to support work at the Marathon Petroleum Texas City address and beyond. We have hundreds of employees and thousands of contractors who work together in more than 50 offices around the world/we maintain great working relationships with many top name brands and stellar individuals. Our pool of talent is unmatched across the sectors we serve.


As we said, whether it is a Marathon Petroleum Texas City refinery or a location on the other side of the world, we operate on the same foundation. Our core principles spell out our name

Safe –We take the lead in safety to protect everyone we work with.

World Class – We aim to deliver a world-class service and operational excellence in everything we do, from Marathon Petroleum Texas City to Asia, because we care.

Integrity – We behave ethically and treat everyone with respect.

Fulfillment – Whether you are working in an executive office or at a Marathon Petroleum Texas City refinery, we strive to deliver results that ensure everyone we work with is completely satisfied.

Transparent – We are open and honest – all relationships are built on mutual trust. We want there to be open communication from our headquarters all the way to your Marathon Petroleum Texas City address.


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