Mechanical Jobs

At Airswift, we deal with all kinds of employment and disciplines in the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Since we have been solely working in these sectors for decades, we are experts in things like generator mechanic jobs, and would love to assist in this area. If you are an individual looking for a job, or have a vacancy in your company, your search can end at Airswift!

We got our start over 35 years ago, as a small London company with fewer than 10 employees. We put a lot of energy into growth and expansion, and are now the world leader in what we do. In fact, we have a presence on six continents and in 57 countries. With more than 50 offices all over the globe, we match the panoply of candidates in our database with the most rewarding companies. Hundreds of employees and thousands of contractors are the power behind this, and have helped to make us what we are in jobs for mechanical work and in other areas.


Using the letters of our own name in an acrostic, we have a list of principles to which we hold in the context of generator mechanic jobs:

Safety: This is the most important thing when it comes to everyone involved. This is not just for the workers themselves, but for their families and the environments in which they work.

World-Class: This is the level of service we aim to give everyone, candidates and clients alike. Personalized service on a global scale.

Integrity: Our ethics direct everything that we do, and we are constantly striving to be known as a reliable and forward-thinking organization.

Fulfillment: No matter which side of the employment relationship you are on, your career should offer some fulfillment. The work we do wants to be part of making that happen.

Transparency: Honesty and trust are essential every step of the way. From the basics about gas turbine mechanic jobs to the expectations of a CEO, we want to be straightforward at all times.


For a potential contractor, you will first work with our consultants to make the most of your search and goals. If you are a company client, you can enjoy letting Airswift handle the bulk of vetting and hiring, and meet the most viable candidates. Getting started in jobs for mechanical in energy, process and infrastructure is as easy as getting in touch.

Please take a minute to fill in the Contact form below on our site, or use the convenient office locator to reach a specific branch. Someone from our team will be eager to speak with you, and tell you all we can do for generator mechanic jobs and your professional goals.