Mobility Info

Running a business in the energy, process, or infrastructure industries requires a lot of determination and flexibility. Not only do you need to carefully monitor daily operations, you must focus on future growth and explore every avenue that could offer your company an advantage. For many companies in these and other highly competitive fields, seeking nearby and domestic work via contracts and projects is not enough to ensure future success and growth for the business. International projects, even those on the other side of the world, may become necessary for your continued success.

Being willing to consider work in other countries or even on another continent can give your company a competitive advantage. While moving your staff and securing resources in distant locations can prove challenging, even for established international corporations, international mobility offers your company the chance to grow by moving into new areas that require the services or goods you provide.

What Is Workforce Mobility?

At its most basic, workforce mobility is the process by which a company relocates staff from one area, city, region, or country to another. In some cases, it may be a simple move to another city due to a change in the location of corporate headquarters. Other times, workforce mobility could involve importing an entire crew of professionals, from day laborers and custodians to engineers and managers, to an entirely different continent. The logistics of such a move can quickly prove overwhelming to your internal human resources team, which is why many companies choose to outsource the process.

After all, mobility benefits your company, but it also strains your existing staff and financial resources. Attempting to handle all of the logistics issues such as travel, accommodation, and securing work permits and visas, can quickly become too complicated for your internal staff and could end up costing your company lucrative projects and contracts, leaving you unable to compete in your field or damage your reputation. Outsourcing your mobility needs to a company with a global reach and experience in mobility can simplify the process.

Professional Mobility Services Can Make All the Difference

Having a mobility policy that offers your staff or contractors assistance with relocation is critical to attracting and maintaining the best possible workforce. Neither your potential new hires nor your internal human resources team should have to worry about details like complying with international tax law, arranging for visas, and helping staff acclimate to a new culture and area. An outside company that specializes in scalable mobility solutions can make international mobility a feasible reality for your company, instead of a logistics nightmare.

When you choose Airswift, you have a single point of mobility contact for every concern, from tax compliance to handling visas and plane tickets. Airswift has more than 50 offices around the world, which means we can offer your infrastructure, energy, or process company a truly global reach. You can rely on our hundreds of employees to provide local support and knowledge based on industry experience in the region, making mobility easier than you ever dreamed possible.