Mobility Management

Running a business in the highly competitive energy, infrastructure or process industries can be quite demanding. In order to turn a profit, you may seek contracts and projects all over the globe. You may end up working in regions where you have no existing presence. The logistics involved with staffing and managing these projects can quickly overwhelm even the most experienced professionals. How you do even predict what the needs will be in an unfamiliar location?

If your plan is to relocate existing staff to a remote location, doing so without a nearby office or facility could prove incredibly difficult. In order to successfully manage mobility, you need to have an intimate understanding of the laws where you will be working as well as the laws where your business is headquartered. There are international tax considerations, visas, work permits and actual travel logistics to handle. Just managing the move could divert your energy from running your company for weeks.

Outsourcing Mobility Needs Makes Sense

Instead of trying to learn every aspect of corporate mobility management while also running your business, you should consider outsourcing your solution. An outside company with a local and regional presence near your project can ensure that your operations comply with all domestic and international laws. Why waste internal resources on learning complicated rules and processes when you could much more easily work with outside professionals who are already competent in these areas?

Moving into a new market can put your company at risk. Failure to understand and comply with local laws could result in fines or even the loss of your contract. Securing outside mobility management helps ensure that your company can move into new markets without concerns about compliance or logistics. Your company will need help with financial and tax considerations and relocation of management team members.  You may even need support staffing for new positions on the project. Don’t settle for working with several companies that can only support certain areas or needs. Choose a company that can support every aspect of mobility. Choose Airswift.

Airswift Offers Exceptional Talent Mobility Management

Airswift has spent thirty years developing a global network to help infrastructure, process and energy businesses thrive. With more than 50 offices around the world, Airswift can provide your company with managed mobility services, no matter how remote your project location. Our team of more than 700 professionals understands the demands of relocation and international hiring, and we have the experience you can trust. We are capable of scaling our services to whatever level of demand your company has.

Whether you need to relocate your existing workers, mobilize engineers and managers or identify new employees for your project, Airswift can help. You can rely on us to handle everything from arranging flights and securing work visas to ensuring compliance with local employment taxes and environmental laws. The Airswift team includes professionals with years of experience in the energy, infrastructure and process industries, Which gives us a real world understanding of the demands of remote projects.

If your business has accepted a contract or project in a new market, Airswift can help by reducing your risk and capital investment while also helping to ensure compliance. Choose us when you decide to outsource your mobility management to learn how simple expansion can be.