Mobility Solutions

Seeking work in other countries or regions is common for businesses in certain fields. Accepting a project or contract in an offshore location can offer your company a chance to expand and grow. It can also create a whole new set of issues, including how to secure local staff for the project or relocate your existing crew to the work site. Companies that have recently accepted major projects abroad may find themselves in desperate need of employee mobility solutions that facilitate international work.

If you find yourself wondering, “What is mobility solutions?” You are not alone. Many people in the highly competitive process, infrastructure, and energy industries are not familiar with this term. The simplest definition for mobility solutions is outsourced services that help your company relocate staff or contractors to a work site. Excellent mobility solutions often also involve assistance with establishing a local presence for recruiting and helping your staff acclimate to the new region.

Why Work with an Outside Company for Employee Relocations?

There are many concerns and considerations for your business if you want to move staff and supplies to a distant location. First, there are compliance issues to consider. How familiar are you or your staff with local law and international tax requirements? Do you know how to secure work permits, travel visas, and environmental surveys in your new location?

Once you answer the basic questions about legal needs, you’ll also have to handle the massive logistical nightmare involved with moving staff from one place to another. Standard relocations include securing travel accommodations, living quarters, and making sure your employees are acclimated to the new location, local culture, and laws. Finally, you will need to address developing a supply chain and working with vendors in the new location. There are so many details involved, and if your staff isn’t experienced in this area, it is all too easy to overlook something important. Those kinds of oversights can cause massive delays or even legal issues for your company.

Airswift Can Offer Your Company Customized Mobility Solutions

Airswift stands out among mobility solution providers as one of the most established options. With more than 30 years of experience in providing companies with scalable new mobility solutions, Airswift knows what it takes to moves staff from one country to another. With a presence that includes more than 60 global offices, Airswift also has a presence just about anywhere on the world you need to be.

If you choose Airswift, you choose to secure help from a company that is uniquely positioned to address your mobility issues and relocate your staff. Mobility and staffing needs vary greatly from company to company and project to project. Airswift has a staff comprised of professionals with technical backgrounds in the process, energy, and infrastructure fields. Our team understands the demands of a growing business and the requirements of global mobility. Choose Airswift for your mobility needs and discover how simple staff relocation can actually be.