Motiva Enterprises Port Arthur TX

Motiva Enterprises in Port Arthur TX is the third largest crude oil refinery in the Gulf Coast region. This makes them a very large employer for those working in the fuel and energy industries.

Motiva manufactures fuels that are later marketed under the internationally recognized Shell brand, which is available for purchase at over 8,200 different retail gas stations. Shell is the largest gasoline retailer in the entire United States, and they are often the number one seller of fuel based on the annual number of gallons sold.

What Does Motiva Enterprises, TX Do?

Motiva Enterprises TX owns and operates three different refineries, two of which are located in Louisiana and one of which is in Port Arthur, Texas. The combination of these three refineries makes Motiva a major employer, as well as one of the biggest suppliers of petroleum-based fuel products.

Their biggest operation is unquestionably Motiva Enterprises Port Arthur, which has a 600,000 barrels per day capacity, more than both Louisiana facilities combined. Motiva’s Port Arthur facility has access to multiple crude oil and product pipelines, making it an ideal location for the production of jet fuel, kerosene, gasoline and diesel fuel. Given the wide number of products created at the Port Arthur facility, there is often demand for a range of skilled employees that are filled with the assistance of workforce solutions provider, Airswift.

Interested in Working at Motiva Enterprises?

Motiva Enterprises salaries are highly competitive and offer a broad range of employment opportunities. Combined with their long-standing retail network and dominance of the domestic retail fuel market, Motiva Enterprises is a great and stable place for growing your career.

Airswift Can Help You Work for Motiva Enterprises in Port Arthur, Texas

Airswift is the strategic supplier of choice for Motiva Enterprises in Port Arthur, Texas. Our partnership with Motiva allows our candidates access to a variety of positions at the Port Arthur facility.

Airswift not only helps you find your desired position, but we also provide resume consulting and interview preparation as well as services once you have accepted a position including relocation and immigration services, retention and contractor support.

Working for Motiva Enterprises can be a rewarding experience, both in terms of career experience and salary. If you’re ready to work for a national leader in fuel and energy, visit Airswift’s website to apply for a job today!