North Sea Oil

For European companies working in energy, process, and infrastructure, the valuable North Sea oil deposits are of considerable interest. In fact, many companies headquartered elsewhere may also have an interest in capitalizing on this incredible natural resource. North Sea oil has an impact on international trade. Traditionally, Brent crude oil has been the industry benchmark for crude oil futures. Brent crude is comprised of oil extracted from various oil fields in the North Sea. North Sea oil companies benefit from this brand recognition and constant source of crude oil demand.

Sadly, North Sea oil is also a source of international conflict, not just energy resources. The North Sea extends between the eastern coast of the United Kingdom and the western coasts of Norway and Denmark, which means that many different countries have strong opinions about who owns North Sea oil. Scotland has claimed these oil fields for decades, while Germany and Norway also have an interest in these productive fields. Regardless of which nation you work with or operate in, securing contracts for North Sea oil production, transport, or refining can absolutely benefit your business.

European Companies Are Not the Only Ones Hired

The energy, infrastructure, and process industries are increasingly global. Instead of relying on local work, many businesses in these highly competitive fields choose to seek contracts and projects all over the world. This can mean transporting workers to remote job locations, offshore oil rigs, or completely different continents. Companies that make competitive bids could find themselves slated to work with North Sea oil, even if they are headquartered somewhere completely different. These companies, however, will have to overcome unique challenges.

For example, relocating workers or recruiting local talent to fill North Sea oil jobs can be time consuming and difficult. This is particularly true if your company does not have an established presence in this relatively insular region. If your company has recently accepted a contract or project involving North Sea oil and gas, you may want to consider outsourcing some of the recruiting and mobility processes to a competent outside company, like Airswift, which will help your business focus on what it does best instead of the details involved in relations and international compliance.

Choose Airswift for Workforce Solutions in the North Sea Region

Airswift has invested more than three decades in building a powerful global network that includes a presence in London. Our established reputation could help your business connect with the right talent, even if you have never worked in a North Sea operation before. More importantly, Airswift has the network to locate the talent you need, the ability to relocate individual workers or whole crews, and experience in international compliance for complex projects and contracts.

For many growing companies, outsourcing functions like recruitment and contractor or employee mobility can streamline operations. Instead of growing your internal support teams, you can focus your hiring and expansion on what your business does instead of what supports it needs. Choose Airswift for help with your North Sea gas and oil project and learn how the right connections and experience can make a difference.