Office Manager Jobs Downstream

Do you have an office manager job description that is attracting your attention? Or maybe you have posted one for a vacant position in your company. Either way, Airswift is an ideal partner for you. We are a global leader in energy, process and infrastructure sector staffing and recruiting and are well aware what it takes to keep the industry moving forward.

When an office manager salary is involved, the company needs to know it has a qualified individual at the helm. Airswift connects talented individuals with the companies ready to offer them rewarding careers, and facilitates long-term and mutually beneficial relationships. Our international network is dedicated to supporting careers and helping businesses be the best they can be.

When Airswift was founded, any office manager job description we dealt with would have been in the region of the United Kingdom. From one small London office fewer than 10 employees got the company started and put energy into expansion. Over the next 3.5 decades we spread out into continental Europe, the Middle East, North and South America, Asia and Australia. Today we maintain more than 50 offices and have work happening in 57 countries, across six continents. We employ hundreds of people and work with thousands of contractors, all to match the premier talent in our global pool with our top brand name company clients in office management jobs and others.


As soon as you sign up to be a candidate with Airswift you will start working with a recruitment consultant. We will ensure that your resume is ready to impress the bosses you want to attract and get a sense of your background and goals. Once you land that first position of office manager duties, we will be ready to find its replacement if needed.

If you are interested in relocation, we specialize in this. It opens a world of opportunity to you as a worker, especially when we take care of the travel and housing arrangements and provide a complimentary concierge pack. We will also provide opportunities for you to get to know your fellow workers.


Writing a job description for office manager jobs is enough work – let Airswift take care of the vetting and hiring process. We know that an office manager salary is something you only want to pay to the most reliable people, and so send candidates who match with no less than 90 percent of your specified criteria and are motivated by more than monetary factors.


Take ownership of that office manager job description when you work with Airswift. Learn which of our worldwide offices would work best for your needs. Then, candidates can see the list of jobs on our site. They may also upload a resume or create an account. An interested organization may complete the contact form below for companies to submit any staffing requests.