Offshore Crane Operator Jobs

    Offshore crane operator jobs create exciting opportunities for those working them and can propel the business of those offering them. At Airswift, we are proud to connect the talented people who want these positions with the amazing brands that need more staff members for these positions.

    Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Since we have spent decades assisting the industry with top quality staffing and recruiting, we are world leaders in our field.

    Who is Airswift? We got our start in London in over 35 years ago with just one office and a few employees. Since that time, we have expanded our reach and now have over 50 offices around the world and hundreds of employees. Our services with ongoing projects exist in 57 countries on six continents. We maintain a candidate database that outnumbers any industry-wide, and these are the people that make those offshore crane jobs the successes they are. Along with the help of thousands of contractors, Airswift brings together professional talent and with top companies in need within the energy, process and infrastructure sectors.


    Whether you are hoping to be hired for one of the available offshore crane operator jobs, or if need to hire someone to fill a job in your company, you can count on Airswift our Golden Rules of Recruiting:

    • Candidates will fulfill 90 percent or more of the skill set outlined by the client. This is an ideal arrangement for both parties, as both the worker and the business will experience a smoother, more productive process.

    • Candidates will be prepared to work within a specified salary range. Airswift works hard to handle these negotiations early on, minimizing confusion and awkwardness for candidates and companies.

    • Candidates are motivated by more than just a paycheck and want to grow both personally and professionally. We believe this makes happier workers and more productive crane operator offshore jobs.


    If you are looking for a job that includes relocation, Airswift can help with travel and housing arrangements with our full mobility services.

    If you need to hire a candidate for any offshore crane jobs, Airswift can help with the hiring process by handling background checks, drug screens, contract and salary negotiations, payroll services, benefits packages, and any other human resources tasks.


    To learn more about offshore crane operator jobs, please feel free to use the online contact form below or the office locator, which will let you reach a specific location. We look forward to speaking and working with you!

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