Offshore Job Vacancies

Welcome to Airswift. If you’ve been looking high and low to no avail for offshore job vacancies, you can end your search here. We are the world’s leading staffing and recruiting agency for the energy, process and infrastructure sectors, and we have been for decades. When it comes to offshore jobs vacancies, we are your key to inside information.

We are also here to support the job creators, our company clients, who make positions for temporary workers as well as permanent employees. We love having excellent, ongoing relationships with many of the top name brands in the industry. From offshore vacancies to seats in the corner offices of the world’s energy, process and infrastructure headquarters, we bring talent and need together.


Did you know that Airswift got its start in small office in the United Kingdom? Over 35 years ago, offshore job vacancies were limited to our little corner of the globe. In the decades since then, we’ve continually expanded to have a presence on six continents and in 57 countries, and we transformed that one office into more than 50 international offices. Over 800 employees and 6,000 contractors team with an pool of available talent unmatched industry-wide. Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Offshore jobs vacancies is just one part of that.


If you would like to be an Airswift contractor, call us and we’ll begin the process that brings you to vacancies offshore. You’ll be matched with a personal account manager, and he or she will keep you up to date on opportunities, as well as update your resume. If the offshore job vacancies you fill are temporary, we’ll get going on finding a replacement. Relocation is always an option and something a lot of our candidates find intriguing. You and your family don’t have to worry about logistics, and we’ll even include a concierge pack to help you discover your new home.

When you have offshore jobs vacancies at your company, let us take the burden of hiring from your shoulders. All of our candidates have been through a background check, and they are prepared to bring you experience and a drive to grow professionally. To these men and women, it’s about more than just a paycheck, and they only work with Airswift because they know we connect them to the best companies. Your offshore vacancies will be filled by qualified and eager individuals in no time.


The vacancies offshore jobs offer can mean a world of opportunity for you, your career or your company. Please fill in the online contact form below, or use the office locator to find a specific location. It will be our pleasure to speak with you about the current opportunities in the energy, process and infrastructure industries!