Offshore Jobs in Houston

    Airswift is one of the largest families of contractors for the energy, process and infrastructure industries. We are currently looking to fill positions for employers who are set up in one of the largest international hotspots in the world: offshore jobs in Houston. If you are an experienced engineer looking for career advancement or if you are an entry level person looking for work as a roustabout on a ship for offshore jobs in Houston, TX, Airswift has the staffing ability to find you a match. We also help employers looking to fill offshore jobs in Houston by providing them with the best and brightest in the energy, process and infrastructure industries.


    Because of Houston’s strategic location on the Gulf of Mexico and its connections with the state of Texas, it has become one of the world centers for the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Due to the massive amounts of oil rigs, oil refineries, docks with vessel fleets and corporate offices in and around the city, there are always jobs that need to be filled. Offshore jobs in Houston are some of the highest paying in the entire industry because of the skilled nature of the work and the dedication that is required for performing offshore jobs in Houston, TX.


    Whether you currently live in the state of Texas, the U.S. or on another continent, Airswift Business Services can help you relocate to offshore jobs in Houston. We will take care of all of the logistics involved in moving you to offshore jobs in Texas. This includes taking care of your transportation needs, finding you a residence and even moving all of your home goods to make Texas your new home. If moving from a foreign country, our personnel can help you secure passports and visas.


    Because offshore jobs in Houston, TX, are so close to the corporate centers of the energy, process and infrastructure industries, taking your career to new heights is a real, genuine possibility. Airswift will help you craft an expert resume that will put you in line for the positions you really want for offshore jobs in Houston. Before any of your current contracts run up, our personnel will make sure the next part of your career is taken care of so you can continuously work, build experience and increase your salary. We will even help you with administrative tasks such as payroll management, salary negotiations, background checks and drug screens so you remain an attractive prospect for offshore jobs in Houston during your entire time with Airswift.


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