Offshore Survey Jobs

There is so much that goes into the planning and executing of energy, process and infrastructure jobs, and offshore survey jobs are essential to this process. At Airswift, we have an in depth knowledge of jobs in surveying, and we would love to be a part of your position or candidate search. Be assured that the people and companies you meet through Airswift are of the highest quality and most professional demeanor.

Offshore survey jobs involve a high level of skill and experience, and an eye for detail. Airswift makes a point of matching people and companies in a tailored way and promises employers that the candidates they meet will fulfill 90 percent or more of the required skill set with motivation that goes beyond a paycheck. This is our Golden Rule of Recruitment. For candidates, this means more purposeful jobs and greater satisfaction overall. Beyond the offshore surveyor jobs themselves, this approach is good for the entire industry.


We got our start as a small company in the United Kingdom with one office and fewer than 10 employees. Over 35 years later, we have grown our business to include jobs in surveying, and we expanded to more than 50 offices with hundreds of employees. We have ongoing work in 57 countries across six continents. Offshore surveying jobs are one small aspect of what we do. Thousands of contractors team up with our extensive pool of talent as we maintain relationships with countless people and energy, process and infrastructure brands.


For offshore survey jobs, Airswift provides personalized attention and continued support. We start by getting to know you as an individual professional or company client because we want to understand your goals for the future. Once we do, we can match you with the best jobs or candidates for your positions.

Job seekers are put in contact with recruitment specialists, and then once they become contractors, they will be in touch with their own personal account managers. Our staff speaks with contractors on a regular basis to keep everyone on the same page about jobs in surveying, and they work to find replacements for temporary positions.

Job creators can feel relieved when we take over much of the burden of vetting and hiring team members. We understand that you have a business to run, and we can take care of screening and payroll and negotiations for as long as you need us to.
No matter what you need regarding offshore surveyor jobs, we concentrate on building relationships and maintaining them for years to come.


If you would like to talk to us about offshore survey jobs, please make use of the contact form below on our website, or try the job board to browse through our openings.