Oil and Gas Careers

Airswift manages and maintains one of the largest databases of contractors for the global Oil & Gas industry. We keep an unmatched database of skilled, educated and qualified workers who rely on our expert services to find continued work in Oil & Gas jobs and careers. We take our mission very seriously and strive to remain the best recruiting service for anyone who calls the industry home. We also help Oil & Gas employers fill their vacancies with job candidates who match their requirements to a tee.

What Are the Qualifications for Oil & Gas Jobs and Careers?

Airswift is currently looking for educated and skilled professionals to help fill our open positions. The most in-demand positions are for engineers who have shown a strong commitment to the industry and have considerable education in the form of a Master’s degree. Fields like chemical, structural and geothermal engineering are hot commodities that will place you ahead of the competition Oil & Gas careers.

What Are the Different Types of Oil & Gas Careers Available?

In addition to engineering jobs, Airswift also has a need to find experienced laborers and other workers who know the Oil & Gas industry from the inside-out. Whether you have experience working on an offshore rig, in an oil sand environment, or on a fracturing operation, hiring companies need your services.

Does Airswift Help Relocate to Different Oil & Gas Careers Around the World?

As a company, we have placed workers in over 50 different countries across the globe. New energy expeditions open up all of the time and we stand on the front lines of finding manpower and brainpower for them. Because of the global nature of Oil & Gas careers, Airswift may need you to fill a contract away from home. You could end up working in the Alberta Oil Sands or in North Dakota, or on an offshore operation in PNG or the coast of Nigeria. Wherever your contract takes you, our staff takes care of everything. From travel logistics and transportation to finding residence and shipping your goods, we make sure the transition to your new place of work is as easy as possible. We even have special connections with passport and visa companies to make sure that you have no trouble entering and working in foreign countries.

How Does Airswift Help Employers Fill Oil & Gas Jobs and Careers?

Airswift prides itself in handling the best and brightest Oil & Gas career people on the planet. If you are looking for additional employees to fill your operation, we provide ones that match 90 percent of your qualifications. We even provide background checks and drug screens to make sure your future contractor is safe and reliable.

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