Oil and Gas Companies

Top 5 Reasons Airswift Is a Leader among Oil and Gas Companies

Airswift is proud to be a leader in the world of oil and gas staffing and recruiting. We have decades of experience, during which we’ve built an unmatched database of contractors, and maintained excellent relationships with numerous companies in the oil & gas sector.

As an agency specializing in finding and filling positions in oil and gasoline, we have in depth and wide ranging knowledge of the needs of both workers and employers. Because oil and gas is such a demanding — and in demand — field, professionals like knowing they can come to us for guidance and support. We will do whatever it takes, wherever it takes us, to be the finest network in oil and gasoline.

Leading the Way in the Oil & Gas Sector

We keep it simple. Our success and yours hinge on some very basic points. Following are five things that bring Airswift to where it is today:

1. Treating You with Respect

As soon as a contractor signs on to work with us, he or she becomes a part of Airswift. This means not only support for your career, but helping make connections that fit with your life goals. We want you to know that you are a necessary worker, and also that we respect your personal goals.

2. Maintaining an International Network

Airswift has over 50 offices all over the globe, and contractors in 57 countries. Whether you’re working with oil and gas companies in Hong Kong or the United States, we can help. With a large pool of contractors and clients, we can meet just about any oil and gas need.

3. Personalized Service and Attention

From helping you design a resume that targets your desired audience to making certain that candidates meet no less than 90% of employers requirements, we do all we can to see that people find fulfilling positions and obtain the talent they need. Better yet, we are looking for replacement jobs before a contractor’s current project is even completed.

4. Versatility within Oil and Gas Operating Companies

Airswift can connect workers and employers at every level in the oil & gas sector — from temporary rig workers to administrative assistants to executives. Roustabouts, engineers and vice-presidents can all find a place with us. We recognize that oil and gas is an area with a lot of turnover, and your company needs to know positions can be filled quickly and appropriately.

5. Building Lasting Relationships

Oil and gas operating companies and contractors alike find long term connections through Airswift. Our contractors are not on the job boards, and only work for the companies to which we guide them. Clients trust Airswift to introduce workers who are motivated to develop rewarding careers in oil and gasoline.

To learn more about Airswift, and what we can do for you in the oil and gas industry, fill the contact form below or send an email to our office. We’ll be glad to help you find and fill jobs in the oil & gas sector!