Oil and Gas Industry Jobs

Making Oil and Gas Industry Jobs Better For Everyone

At Airswift, we are dedicated to making the Oil & Gas industry better for everyone who works within it employers and contractors alike. With our decades of experience, and complete staffing and recruiting services, we do our part to help you find and fill jobs in the oil and gas industry.

What Airswift Does

We spend time gathering a wide range of talent from all over the world. No matter where you live or work, we can find the motivation and occupation that you’ve been looking for. From over 50 international offices, we maintain an unmatched database of contractors. These men and women are hard at work in 57 countries, and are driven by the desire to develop their skills and advance in the field. We put a lot of energy into connecting the right candidates with the right jobs, and do what we can to support the functioning of the Oil & Gas Industry.

A Variety of Jobs in the Oil and Gas Industry

Whether you want to do some real hands on work as a roustabout, act as an administrator or engineer or aim for an executive position, Airswift can find something for you in the oil and gas industry. We are proud to have excellent working relationships with a number of leading companies, and know how to match skill with need at every level.

Complete Staffing and Recruiting for the Oil and Gas Industry

Because we specialize in Oil & Gas, we can offer complete services at all points. Contractors are immediately matched with an account manager who stays in contact every two weeks. Workers will receive assistance with the polishing of resumes for targeted design, and always have someone looking for their next project. When relocation is needed, we are glad to take care of passports and visas in rush situations, as well as see to details of lodging and transportation.

Airswift is glad to offer excellent benefits packages to contractors, and consider each and every man and woman to be a part of the extended Airswift network. We truly care about the well being of our contractors.

Employers will enjoy a streamlined staffing process that takes the burden of drug testing, background checks, negotiation and other human resources actions off their hands. Better yet, the candidates we introduce will meet no less than 90% of the outlined requirements. Whether you need a temporary worker, or are in need of a long term contractor, trust us to find the talent you demand. The contractors with whom we work are not on the job boards, and only take jobs they find through Airswift.

Contact the Best in the Oil & Gas Industry

If you are ready to learn more about finding and filling jobs in the oil and gas industry through Airswift, fill the contact form below or send an email to our office. We will be glad to guide you to the finest talent and positions in the oil & gas industry.