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    At Airswift, we love offering individuals work opportunities that take them to new and exciting places. Oil and gas jobs in Iraq – a division of the energy, process and infrastructure industries — are just one of those opportunities, and we can offer an amazing experience for both the employee and employer.

    We began our work as an Oil & Gas staffing and recruiting agency in the United Kingdom over 35 years ago, but have now expanded our reach to be the global leader in our field. We maintain excellent working relationships with many of the top Oil & Gas companies in the world. With over 800 employees and 6,000 contractors operating in over 50 countries, our geographical reach and pool of talent available is unmatched in the industry and we are the undeniable source for jobs in Iraq oil and gas.


    Perhaps you’re relatively new to the industry, and you’re ready to strike out on your own. From the minute you sign up with us as a contractor, you’ll benefit from the attention of your own personal account manager. He or she will touch base with you every two weeks or more, and discuss your job search as well as any current options. Once you land the right position, we’ll start lining up your next job, should the one you found be temporary.

    Of course, we don’t abandon you the minute you have a job. Look to us for excellent, comprehensive benefits packages as well as reliable payroll and personal support. If oil and gas jobs in Iraq means you have to relocate, let us worry about things like housing, transportation, legal documentation and more. We will provide you with a concierge pack to better acclimate you to your new home.

    In some cases, we work with you for direct and permanent hire. If you’re looking at jobs in Iraq oil and gas administration or even at the executive level, Airswift is well acquainted with all levels of the business and will be glad to assist you.


    We want to give you a literal world of choices when you need a new contractor or employee. In order to make vetting and hiring a simpler process, we take care of all human resources tasks, such as background checks, drug screens, contract negotiation and so much more. When you meet an Airswift candidate, know that he or she will fulfill at least 90 percent of your required skill set. Best of all, these professionals aren’t just out for paychecks — they want the professional growth only you can give.


    If you’d like to try for oil and gas jobs in Iraq, or want a huge pool from which to fill a vacant position, please use our contact form below or office locator to get in touch today.

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