Oil And Gas Jobs Overseas

Have you always wanted to go overseas, but aren’t sure how you can afford it, or don’t know where to begin? Overseas oil and gas jobs provide the perfect opportunity to meet new people, advance your career, and see the world. Airswift is your key to making this dream a reality.

We’ve been facilitating oil and gas jobs abroad for decades. We started in one, small office in London with just a handful of employees, and now we maintain more than 50 locations all over the globe with hundreds of employees. Our candidate database holds the names of more potential contractors than any of our competitors. Thousands of contractors power ongoing work in 57 countries on six continents. All of this has made it possible for us to develop wonderful relationships with the industry’s top brands and most talented individuals.

This is where you come in. Whether you’re hoping to land one of those overseas oil and gas jobs, or you’re offering a new position in your business, this is the place for you. At all times, Airswift serves as a strategic partner to our clients, offering a turnkey workforce solution to capture and deliver the top talent needed to complete successful projects by aligning with the unique needs of our clients.


North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia are just some of the places you’ll hear about when discussing oil and gas jobs overseas with us. If you want to be a contractor in gas turbine jobs overseas, we’ll set you up with a personal account manager who guides you through the search. We’ll also work on updating and polishing your resume.

For job creators, we streamline the time-consuming vetting process. Know that all of our candidates come with relevant experience and true motivation. We’ll select only those who meet 90 percent or more of your required criteria, and we ensure background checks and drug screens are up to date. We’ll discuss specific contracts and salaries, and we’ll only send interviewees who are eager for what you’re offering.

Once a contractor is in one of those overseas oil and gas jobs, we’ll start seeking replacements for any temporary position. In the meantime, enjoy getting to know others at social events. This is the time to really take in the new world around you and make the most of these oil and gas overseas jobs.

If you have an Airswift contractor working for you, let us continue to handle benefits, payroll, and more. Depending on the level and nature of the position, this may be the temporary solution you needed, or it could be the beginning of something more long-term.


AIrswift is your expert in overseas oil and gas jobs. Please fill in the contact form below to reach out to us, and we’ll get the ball rolling!